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Sarira Merikhi
2 min readOct 25, 2022

“The 7 Labours of Rostam”

The Seven Labours of Rostam were a series of acts carried out by the greatest of the Iranian hero, Rostam, The story was retold by Ferdowsi in his epic poem, Shahnameh.

  • The Seven Labours were seven difficult tasks undertaken by Rostam, accompanied, in most instances, only by his faithful and sagacious steed Rakhsh, although in two labours he was accompanied also by the champion, Olad (Another mythical Persian hero).
  • According to the traditional narrative, the story starts when Kay Kāvus’s (the king) expedition to Mazandaran fails, and his army is captured by the Divs (demons). Rostam undertakes to liberate it, and achieves his goal by performing the labours.

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The First Labour

In fact, in this Labour, the Rostam’s horse (Rakhsh) kills a lion with his teeth. Rostam falls asleep among the reeds. After a short time, a fierce lion appears, and mounts a ferocious attack on his horse Rakhsh; but Rakhsh, although hard-pressed, succeeds in killing the savage beast with his teeth.

The First Labour

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The Second Labour

Rostam enters a desert, in which no water is to be found. Both horse and rider become oppressed with thirst and therefore, Rostam prays to God. Sweltering under the burning sun, Rostam sees a sheep pass by, which he hails as the harbinger of good. Rising up and grasping his sword in his hand, he follows the animal, and comes to a fountain of water, where he devoutly returns thanks to God for the blessing which has preserved his existence.

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