Sarira Merikhi
2 min readAug 27, 2022

My journey in NFTs

I started my journey in the NFT world from December 2021.
My first collection is on OpenSea platform.
I named it Marstone.

Why Marstone?
In fact, this word is composed of two words, Mars and Stone. I have used the word “Mars” because my last name is Merikhi and it means Martian in English. In Iran, the style of lithography is called stone printing because this style is very old and they used stone to print it, so the “Stone” is for that.


Why Lithography?
Lithography is a method of printing originally based on the immiscibility of oil and water. The printing is from a stone or a metal plate with a smooth surface. It was invented in 1796 by the German author and actor Alois Senefelder, Iranian lithography was imported to Iran in 1845 by Abbas Mirza. Nowadays this art has become a forgotten style.

The Lion and The sun

What I’m doing?
I do the forgotten art of Iranian lithography by combining pop art.
Each of my works has its own story.
Usually these stories are related to myths and everyday events or happenings.

Thank you Banksy!

My Foundation Account

After several months, I created my own account on the Foundation platform and minted “Original Merikhi” collection on it.

Original Merikhi

For example, the name of this piece in Foundation is: Unaware of the Tragedy

Why did I made this piece?
I love old Iranian stories and myths. I am inspired by them and often combine them with my own daily events and concerns, such as this work about the compulsory hijab in Iran, and I have combined it with an old Iranian epic story.

Unaware of the Tragedy

To find out the special story of each of these pieces, you can read their story completely in the description section.